We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to support the Cinderford Town Youth presentation last night, hopefully you’ll all agree it was a very successful night.

A big thank you to Cinderford Town captain Josh Nelmes for coming along and handing out the trophies to all players, to Cinderford Town physio Kevin Brain for refereeing our coaches vs parents match and to Cinderford Town photographer Adrian Griffin for taking all the photos

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the coaches for their hard work this season, to all the companies who have supported the club and sponsored kits, training tops, tracksuits, coats and much more allowed all the players to look the part at every match.

Finally a big thank you to all the parents and players who have represented the club so well during the season.

Next up is the Cinderford Town tournament next weekend!!

Here is the full list of individual award winners from the 2016/17 season…

Under 18s

Player of the Year: Ben Didcote
Players Player of the Year: Mitchell Howells
Managers Award: Billy Guest

Under 15s

Player of the Year: Jamie Horsfell
Players Player of the Year: Tyler Trattles
Managers Award: Dan Bowles

Under 13s

Player of the Year: Tommy Coleman
Players Player of the Year: Finley Jones
Managers Award: Devon Howells

Under 13 Colts

Player of the Year: Jack Bennett
Players Player of the Year: Jake Wassell
Managers Award: Nikolas Appleby

Under 12s

Player of the Year: Conner Smith
Players Player of the Year: Charlie Taylor
Managers Award: Luke Roberts

Under 12 Colts

Player of the Year: Charlie Bevan
Players Player of the Year: Julius Rajpaul
Managers Award: Marley Edwards

Under 11s

Player of the Year: Tyler Kibble
Players Player of the Year: Ryan Edwards
Managers Award: Ben Didcote

Under 11 Colts

Player of the Year: Matthew Brooks
Players Player of the Year: Conner Fennell
Managers Award: Dominic Jones

Under 10s

Player of the Year: Declan Edwards
Players Player of the Year: Josh Jeffery
Managers Award: Ollie Taylor

Under 10 Colts

Player of the Year: Ethan Kane
Players Player of the Year: Jacob Wilson
Managers Award: Thomas Trenchard

Under 9s

Player of the Year: Arron Jenkins
Players Player of the Year: Jamie Creed
Managers Award: Jacob Conner

Under 9 Colts

Player of the Year: Thomas Oakey
Players Player of the Year: Andrew Wood
Managers Award: Zoe Holden

Under 8s

Player of the Year: Liam Cottrell
Players Player of the Year: Macy Walby
Managers Award: Ethan Kibble

Under 8 Colts

Player of the Year: Max Blaby
Players Player of the Year: Connor Whitehouse
Managers Award: Finn Phillips


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