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Cinderford Town Youth Committee Statement

Please remember that it is against football rules to post anything defamatory, abusive or racist about the club, club officials (including coaches), players, referees, the league and the FA on any social media site or via text / email, it may also be against the law.  As a club we take a zero tolerance stance on abuse, racial, negative and defamatory comments via either phone conversations, text messages, email or on social media sites included (but not limited to) Facebook and Twitter, this applies to both parents and players.

Those in breach of the above policies may be asked to meet with the committee or leave the club, in some circumstances the individual may also be reported to the Football Association or County Welfare Officer.  All this forms part of the Player Registration Documents that are signed by both parent and player at the start of each season.


The club constitution is available to members on request.


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