Cinderford Town Youth Football Club will be running open trials this June ahead of the new season. Trials will take place at Forest High School’s field on the 29th of June, 2nd July and 6th July following the 3 sessionsof open trials squads will be selected and all parents informed.

Trials are open to everyone from any club that would like to play for Cinderford Town next season, please invite anyone you feel could be interested in bringing their child to Cinderford Town next season.

Trials will last for 45 minutes, times will be confirmed nearer the time.

All current players  should return their current kit on the day of their first trial, this is so that we can assess the kits and replace worn or missing items as soon as possible.

As a club we have a development plan in place which involves aiming at playing in the Junior Premier League.  We are therefore keen to attract players wanting to play at this level as well as developing those within the club to be able to play at that level, to achieve that development we invest in our coaches to ensure that they achieve a high level of coaching qualifications. We will be running a minimum of 1 team in the following age groups..

Under 18s
Under 15s
Under 13s
Under 12s
Under 11s
Under 10s
Under 9s
Under 8s

To register for a trial please fill in the form below…

Current players do not need to register as they will automatically be invited.

nb. We request that any parent who is unhappy or disagrees with the concept of the club running trials or is unwilling to accept that their child may not be selected does not trial. Unfortunately we have a lot of players wanting to play for the club and in a small town have limited facilities and coaches available to accommodate everyone. Attending the trials will be taken as confirmation that you both agree with the club running trials and accept that your child may or may not be selected.  If you do not agree then please do not attend.  Those players who were not selected from last year’s trials need not reapply.

Below are the answers to some questions that people have asked the club regarding the upcoming trials. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to speak to your coach direct or email


Q. Why do the club run trials?
A. As a club we have a lot of new players constantly asking to join, because of this we feel that running trials gives every player the opportunity to show what they can add to the club.  As a club we have decided this is the best way to give everyone the opportunity to play for Cinderford Town.  Last year’s trials were very successful and led to some excellent new players joining the club making all sides more competitive.

Q. My child already plays for Cinderford Town, why do they need to trial?

A. Cinderford Town Youth FC has been setup to provide a path for local youngsters to eventually play for the first team, as a result all teams need to be competitive and improve year on year. Where possible we run 2 teams in each age group, this is to provide as many players as possible football, where two sides are being run the trials dictates which squad your child will play in, your child will not automatically be in the same team as last season, coaches may feel that they would benefit from more regular game time in the Colts team or that a player would provide the other team with improved quality.

Q. What if my child is unavailable on the dates?

A. Speak to the coach direct or let the club know. If the coach managed your child last year they will already be aware what the child can bring to the team so a decision is already likely to have been taken. If you are a new player unable to make these dates please let us know and we can look to arrange something.

Q. What do the trials involve?

A. Trials will take place in an informal surrounding, there is no pressure on any of the children and they should treat it as standard training. There will be three weeks of small sided games to see your child playing as much football in a competitive environment as possible, sides will be mixed up each week to give each players plenty of opportunity to play with different players. Coaches will ask players at the start of the trials which position they feel they play best in, the coach may move players to different positions if they feel that position may suit their skillset better.  Please be aware that just because you child tells the coach that he wants to play in a position, it does not necessarily mean that he will play in that position.

Q. What if my child isn’t selected?

A. We are starting trials in June so that everyone knows where they stand, players are not allowed to sign for any club until July 1st, by this time our trials will have nearly completed and parents informed on or just after July 9th so players will have plenty of time to find a new club if they haven’t been selected. We are more than happy to pass on details of other clubs to those who don’t get selected, this will not be done automatically but will be given on request.

Q. My child plays for another club, why should I bring them to Cinderford Town?

A. Cinderford Town is the highest ranking football club in the Forest of Dean playing at Step 4 of the national league system and are on the verge of many exciting things both with the senior teams and the youth teams. Long term the club has plans to introducing an academy system in the youth teams and a new state of the art stadium is currently being proposed for the senior team. While the youth teams have only been setup recently the club has been very successful and this success is growing year on year with many cup and league successes.We have excellent coaches including several FA Level 2 and a UEFA B coach and many coaches are also completing their FA Youth Award Modules. The club is FA Charter Standard which means that all our coaches are qualified, DBS checked and first aid training and this is reviewed annually by the FA to ensure all coaches have in-date certification. The club prides itself on providing ever improving coaching standards, as a result every year money is invested in coach training courses by the club.The club also regularly invests money into new equipment and improving facilities to ensure that children are given the best chance of improving year on year.

Cinderford Town aim to be joining the Junior Premier League in the coming seasons meaning that player will be able to play the highest level of football outside of the academy system with the club.

This season alone we have 3 teams in cup finals and already have one team who have won their league.

Q. What teams will the club be running next season?

A. Final decisions on the teams will be made after the trials depending on the numbers attending trials.  If there is a demand for extra teams, available pitches and coaches interested in joining the club then more will be considered.



julie thomas-troiano · May 26, 2016 at 6:09 pm

Can you please confirm that Cinderford Town will notify parents of the chosen date for their child to attend for trials please.

many thanks

    admin · May 31, 2016 at 8:54 am


    Hopefully you should have received an email regarding the trials, if not though please do let us know. In the all age groups (with the exception of Under 18s) players are advised to attend as many of the 3 trial sessions as possible.

    Many thanks

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