The club photos from Saturday are now online and available to view and buy at\Cinderford Town FC\2014\Team Photos August 2014#&&/wEXAQUEUGF0aAVXXFxERVAxLUZTMDFccGhvdG9zXEZvb3RiYWxsXENpbmRlcmZvcmQgVG93biBGQ1wyMDE0XFRlYW0gUGhvdG9zIEF1Z3VzdCAyMDE0XFRlYW0gUGhvdG9z3I47aKKQyOdnXzyHYvBTM8YeVnU=

We will be getting hold of a copy of the large photo of all teams and will put online as soon as we have it.  The plan is to get a big copy of this photo put up in the clubhouse at the Causeway as well.

A massive thank you to all those who turned up and also to Cinderford Town manager John Brough and vice chairman Stuart Tait for organising the photo.

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