We are delighted to confirm today that we have now taken a lease on the 3G pitch at Forest High School in Cinderford.

A lot of work has gone in behind the scenes the last few months to enable this to happen. This will ensure that we can control our training days and times in a much better way and guarantee our access. It will also allow us to sub let the facility to other community clubs to raise money for our football club.

Many parents will be aware of the restrictions that some teams had in place earlier in the season due to a lack of training slots being allocated to us, this will prevent this from happening again and help us grow as a club as well as providing an all weather facility for training and matches.

This is a big step forward for our club and a key facility which will help us develop and grow over the coming seasons.

Please be aware that access to the 3G pitch will no longer be via the leisure centre, but instead through the side gates by the grass pitches, access will not be allowed through the reception. Restrictions on parents/spectators accessing the site will still be in place currently due to COVID restrictions on a school site.

We are aware that some clubs have existing bookings on the facility with Freedom Leisure. We have not been given details of which clubs have bookings and when they have slots at this time. Whilst we may not be able to guarantee these slots will remain the same please contact us at pitchbooking@cinderfordtownyouthfc.co.uk and make us aware of the slots you had, we will get back in contact with all clubs in the next few days.

An online booking system will be up and running on our website as soon as we have added in all the bookings we currently have in place.

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